Becoming NFT

Free CAThletes recieved upon registration, from breeding and fusion, as well as crafted items, no longer become NFTs automatically after reaching level 6. It costs 0.05 SOL for a CAThlete to become a fully minted NFT on chain.

This SOL comission covers SOLANA associated fees as well as Walken's infrustructure costs. Mint fees play a crucial role in covering not only blockchain fees but server infrastructure expenses. To provide further insight, an NFT not only exists as a record on the blockchain but also requires a space in the IPFS system where both the image and metadata are stored. This has a certain cost, which is partially, not fully, covered by this commission. Despite the frequent inquiries about the commission amid SOL’s growth, it’s essential to note that the aforementioned costs for the project remain constant and do not decrease irrespective of token rate fluctuations.

Expanding the discussion to a broader context, the Walken project’s economy includes a number of expenses such as team salaries, blockchain interaction, and server costs. While the mentioned commission (one of the few that are on players , by the way. See the question below, we will delve into more details) is just one aspect, it is a part of the broader economic framework and intricate calculations that have sustained the project over the years. And the only way to keep Walken going is to stick to these calculations, making sure that the economy is healthy. It’s worth noting that players, akin to the team, have a shared interest in the project’s enduring stability and growth. Maintaining this equilibrium demands a careful economic balance encompassing various operational costs β€” covered by both parties.

Eligible for mint starting at level 6, it is possible to turn a CAThlete into an NFT at any level from 6 to 15 so that there is be no extra pressure on the players.

If you’ve made up your mind to turn your CAThlete into an NFT and upgraded it to at least level 6, you’ll need to press the button at the NFT Overview section on the CAThlete screen and confirm the payment. The CAThlete will become a full NFT once the transaction is successful (no need to wait for 24 hours).

Remember! It is not required to mint your CAThlete! It will always be free and you can continue earning from your free Cathlete should you decide against minting it into an NFT.

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