🐇Egg-citing Easter

Keeping with a wonderful tradition to celebrate holidays together, we’ve prepared a new event, new charming item collection and tons of springtime fun!

EGG-CITING EASTER - a time-limited event in Walken in celebration of Easter. Join an epic Easter egg hunt complete with magnificent trophies - Easter Lootboxes!

  • Event Dates: April 7, 1 PM UTC — April 12, 1 PM UTC

  • Lootbox Distribution: April 13, 1 PM UTC

  • Lootbox pool: 3000;

  • Participation price: 350 Eggs;

  • Lootbox price: 1200 $WLKN or 2.3 SOL.

Please note that the Best of Luck quest will be added to your active quest week.


🟣 Over the course of the Egg-citing Easter event, compete in PvP Duels and earn special Easter eggs for every energy spent duelling no matter the outcome of a race.

1 energy in PvP = 10 eggs

🟣 Have fun in PvP and collect eggs every day until the end of the event, and once you have 350 eggs, exchange them for a chance to get your hands on a very special Lootbox (please note that the token amount equal to the price of the Easter box is required to be on your balance in order to apply. The payment will be required only in case you win the chance to buy the box).

🟣 Each lootbox contains one Easter-themed limited-edition item of clothing for your CAThlete to throw on its best fit when Easter arrives! The festive clothing edition is very limited — 3000 pieces only!

The rarity drop chances for these lootboxes are the same as for Premium-lootboxes.

🟣 The look of them is not the only thing that makes these items so special. For 7 days starting from the lootbox distribution, CAThletes wearing the Easter-themed items will be winning up to x2 rewards in PvP!

🟣 100 free boxes will be randomly distributed among all lottery participants.

🟣 Another 100 free boxes are guaranteed to TOP-100 lottery participants with the highest egg score by the end of the event!

🟣 The rest of the pool - 2800 lootboxes - will be distributed among participants and the lucky winners will be able to buy it.


As soon as the event starts on April 7, you will find a festive banner at the bottom of the Wallet screen.

Press on it to view event details, check the amount of collected eggs and how much time is left until the end of the event. The button to apply for the lootbox draw is also available from there.

Your eggs are counted over the whole event period and not deducted from your egg score when you apply for the Easter Lottery so that you could still see how many eggs you’ve collected. Be sure to apply for the Easter lootbox lottery until 1 PM UTC on April 12.

Once the event has ended, the eggs will no longer be handed out in PvP Duels and the event banner will be removed from the Wallet screen. The list of the winners will be published by midday April 13 in our official channels, and the Easter lootbox distribution will be completed on April 13 as well. The bonus reward multiplier (up to x2) for CAThletes wearing Easter items in PvP will also be effective 1 PM April 13.

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