🤝Referral Program

The Walken referral program will be a great opportunity to enjoy a nice bonus over a certain time for every friend you invite to Walken and who uses the Walken app on a regular basis. Absolutely any active user can become a participant of the program, and your performance in terms of the program will always be only in your own hands.

In a nutshell, the referral program in Walken is designed to enable players to get a share of their referred friends’ $WLKN spendings in the Walken app as a referral reward. The referral period is limited, and the more friends you invite, the longer the referral period gets.

How It Works

  1. Every Walken player will find their unique referral code in the Profile → Gifts&Discounts → Invite friends together with an option to copy or share this code and easily send it to a friend you’d like to refer to Walken. The code will not change and can be easily found in the Invite friends section. Apart from the code, on the same screen you’ll find the list of all your invited friends and will be able to keep an eye on the bonus they will be bringing you.

Please note that only newly registered players who registered no less than 24h ago are eligible to become referrals.

2. Share this code to a friend you’d like to invite. They will need to install the Walken app (App Store or Google Play Market; please note that our app is available ONLY from these links) and enter this code either at signing up as part of the registration process. The code must be redeemed for a person to become your invited friend in the Walken app.

3. Once the code is redeemed, your friend will receive their bonus5 $WLKN to their pending balance + 10 GEM + 100 Mysberries. This reward will get them off to a flying start in Walken and help level up to the 2d level quickly — and enter League II! And that’s when the Referral period starts.

4. Yet the real benefit comes later: you will be getting 10% from $WLKN spending that your friend makes in Walken over the course of the Referral period.

The received rewards will be credited to your pending balance.

So for the next several days (depending on the duration of referral period applied) each of the following ways of spending $WLKN that your invited friends performs will earn you a reward equal to 10% of the $WLKN amount spent:

  • Level Up of CAThletes;

  • Purchase of Mysberries;

  • Breeding.

Please note: you will not receive a bonus from friends’ purchases on the Marketplace and their transfers of tokens from the Pending Balance to the In-Game wallet, as well as token withdrawals from the app.

5. Keep track of your invited friends & available reward in Profile → Gifts&Discounts → Invite friends. Once there’s a reward available, you’ll see the notification and will be able to view and collect your bonus generated by friends’ spendings in the Walken app.

IMPORTANT NOTE: your Earnings & Friends’ spendings and the list of referred friends are updated when you launch the application but no earlier than 24 hours from the last update together with your Rank. You may have already noticed this principle regarding the Ranking System.

The duration of the referral period depends on the number of friends you refer to Walken:

  • 1–25 friends — 30 days;

  • 26–125 friends — 45 days;

  • 126–625 friends — 60 days;

  • 625 friends and more — 90 days;

For example: the referral period will last 30 days if you’ve invited 20 friends, while another 100 friends will increase it by 15 days and make it 45 days long.

Please note that if you invite enough friends for the referral period to increase, it increases for all your friends whose referral period has not yet expired. If a friend’s referral period has expired by the time you increase the referral period, it will not be extended for them.

Your Reward for Referring a Friend to Walken

In Profile --> Invite friends you'll find the “Friends’ spendings” section with all the detailed information about friends who have redeemed your referral code thus becoming your referrals:

  1. ID of the user;

  2. Invitation date — the day your friend activated your Referral code;

  3. Days left — number of days remaining until the end of the Referral period;

  4. Spent by player — the number of tokens your friend has spent since registering in the app;

  5. Your Earnings — the number of tokens equal to 10% of $WLKN spending that your friend made during the Referral period.

When the Referral reward is available, a notification (green icon) will appear next to the “Invite friends” tab on the Profile screen. You can collect your reward by clicking the “Claim reward” button.

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