❓Why Walken shows 0 steps though I've been walking?

First of all, it should be kept in mind that Walken starts counting steps only after a player completes the registration process and gets their first character - CAThlete.


The Walken app requires certain permissions to collect steps data. How does it work?

The moment the permissions are granted, Walken starts collecting the steps data, applying validation algorithms to ensure accurate step collection. Once the steps are verified, a player gets Gems and daily bonuses. That being said, players are recomended to make sure that the necessary permissions are granted.

Solution 1 (for iOS):

It's highly recommended to allow the Apple Health to track your physical activity when you register in the app (you will see the notification). However, if you have missed this step, please follow the steps below to enable Health Kit synchronization :

📍Open the Settings on your device - scroll to Health - tap Data access & Devices - select Walken - tap Turn on All

📍open the Apple Health application - tap your Profile - tap Apps - select Walken - tap Turn on All

Solution 2 (for Android):

On Android devices, certain permissions to track activity are required, as well as making sure to remove battery saver restrictions for Walken. To ensure that the step collation by Walken is not restricted, follow these steps:

📍open the Settings on your device - find Battery & Performance - tap Battery - select App battery saver - select Walken - tap No restrictions

Granting activity permissions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. On of the ways to make sure that Walken is allowed to collect activity, is as follows:

📍Press and hold the Walken icon - tap App info - select Permissions - Physical activity - tap Allow


Walken will keep showing 0 Gems and 0 steps if the permissions mentioned above are not granted. Your personal data is safe, Walken does not share it with any third parties.


If you have checked the permissions and those are enabled, yet the application still does not count your steps, please contact the Walken support team at support@walken.io.

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