Each week players who take part in the Duels also get a chance to participate in Tournaments in 3 nominations with awesome $WLKN and Mysberry prizes up for grabs.
The Tournament week (also known as a Season) starts every Monday, 12 AM UTC, lasts 7 days and ends the following Sunday, 11:59 PM UTC.
There are 3 nominations players compete in:
  • total $WLKN earned in Duels across a tournament week;
  • total Duels won across a tournament week;
  • the highest win rate in Duels across a tournament week.
A player must play a minimum of 100 duels to enter this nomination.
It’s possible to rank up in more than one nomination every season. To check how you’re doing in the current Tournament Season, go to the Competitions and select Tournaments tab; scroll down to the leaderboard of interest and tap on the arrow right beside its title to open it. There you’ll find the top-10 players as well as your current position.
Please note that the screenshots are for illustrative purposes only, and the numbers (rewards, costs, etc.) on them may differ from the final balance configuration. You may always find the valid information in the Walken app.
Please note that your Duel statistics for all 3 leaderboards (WLKN earned, duels won, and duel win rate) and the Leaderboards are updated once in an hour.
Every season, TOP-200 players in each nomination share the prize pool and get rewarded with:
  • 1 place: 10,000 $WLKN + 25,000 Mysberries
  • 2 place: 2,500 $WLKN + 10,000 Mysberries
  • 3 place: 1,000 $WLKN + 5,000 Mysberries
  • 4–10 place: 100 $WLKN + 1,000 Mysberries
  • 11–25 place: 50 $WLKN + 500 Mysberries
  • 26–50 place: 25 $WLKN + 400 Mysberries
  • 51–100 place: 200 Mysberries
  • 100–200 place: 100 Mysberries
The TOP-players will be able to claim their rewards in the app (on the Tournament screen) following the end of the season.
The list of each season winners will be publicly available.