Textile & Crafting

Crafting - your golden opportunity that transforms every challenge into a step closer to victory by collecting and exchanging textile for Crafting Lootboxes.

This feeling of giving our best in a PvP match, only to come up short — we all have been there. But worry not, for every cloud has a silver lining, or in this case, a touch of autumn warmth. For every CAThlete who didn’t quite make it in a duel, there’s a chance to earn textile — the key to crafting your way to greatness! The idea is similar to Mysberries for defeat that were handed out in old PvE, but this time you have a chance to boost your CAThlete’s performance in the long-run.

ℹ️ The rarer the CAThlete, the better the chance of obtaining textile, with a bonus for those belonging to the distinguished Genesis generation.

The amount of textile you get at a time depends on the Leagues and reward tier.

Collect Textile, Create Treasure

As your collection of textile grows and you reach 2000, you’ll be able to exchange it for a special crafting lootbox, for 500 $WLKN. This enchanted container holds the promise of a common, uncommon, rare, epic, and even legendary item of clothing. You may keep collecting and exchanging textile for lootboxes as many times as you feel up to!

ℹ️ To check your textile balance and craft the lootbox, you’ll need to go to Marketplace → Crafting tab.

Limited-Time Collections

These will be no ordinary items; they’re part of limited-time collections, starting with a breathtaking array of autumn-themed treasures. It’s not just about the loot — it’s about expressing your CAThlete’s personality with a seasonal flair. With Crafting, setbacks become stepping stones to success, and autumn’s vibrant palette of colors brings life to your CAThlete’s world. Get ready to embrace the change of seasons and embark on a crafting adventure like never before!

So, while victories might not always be guaranteed, the potential to rise above every challenge is. Gather your textile, craft your future, and watch as your CAThlete’s journey transforms into one of triumph and glory. The PvP arena awaits your prowess, and textile is your ticket to uncharted heights in the world of Walken.

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