Walken Sketch

Next addition to the Cuze ecosystem, Walken Sketch is a special one. Unlike all other games under the Cuze umbrella, Walken Sketch is not actually designed to boost the current players' progress. Rather, it is aimed for expanding the fantastic world of Walken and making it known to a broader audience. While we're focused on regularly adding highly attractive gameplays to the ecosystem that keep earning assets fresh and exciting, this time we've made an adorable catchy mini-game that will help us invite more people to the ecosystem.

If you've been with Walken for a while, you might as well skip the Sketch and keep playing Walken Block, Runner or Speed Crime.

Meet this incredibly engaging game, designed for those who enjoy drawing, puzzle-solving, and having a good time. But fret not: to conquer the levels, top-notch drawing skills are not required; simply unleash your creative genius, and remember β€” creative thinking and a good sense of humor are your best companions. So let's have a quick look at it and what it has to offer to the newcomers to the Walken world!

DOWNLOAD APP: https://walkensketch.onelink.me/jx8i/oa6c498b

Core Gameplay

In Walken Sketch, the players primary goal is to grab the treasure chest containing Gems, $WLKN, and Mysberries, which can be later used in the main Walken app of course. But here's the rub! To open the chest, you'll need …. right, a key. And collecting keys is what's needed to be done as a player advance through the levels. Each level presents a puzzle to solve, but the most engaging thing is to solve it you need to... draw things.

But artistic talents aren't the star of the show here. Sketching will do the trick. By the way, that's where the game's name, Walken Sketch, comes from. But don't ease up; while detailed drawing may not be necessary, you'll need to kick your imagination and creative thinking into high gear. Solving the puzzles won't always be crystal clear. Nor logical :)

How To Play

So, with the app up and running and your imagination firing on all cylinders, it's time to take on your first challenge. On a high note, of course.

  1. The play ground is divided in halves. One half displays your current level, a progress bar, and the puzzle itself - an image with a brief description. The other is an empty canvas. Your job is to sketch the item that resolves the given challenge.

  2. Have a look and the puzzle and think of a bright solution to sketch; no need for excessive intricacy here. The key is to make sure the object is easily identifiable and serves as the answer to the given challenge. Once you've completed your drawing and want to verify your response, just press the green 'checkmark' button. If you want to start over, use the blue 'cross' button to 'erase' your drawing.

  3. How do you know the answer is correct? It's simple: if your sketch genuinely solves the puzzle, it will 'work,' and you'll observe it in action. The image will spring to life, the missing object will perform its duty, and the level will be successfully completed, with vibrant confetti as a tribute to your triumph.

  1. And what if the solution is incorrect? In that case, 'magic won't happen'; your drawn item won't work, and you can redo your sketch after watching a quick ad. But don't worry, after all, most of the time, providing the correct answer won't be such a challenge, even though the complexity of the puzzles increases as you progress through the game and tackle higher levels.

  2. What if nothing comes to mind? If that happens, you can opt for a hint, symbolized by the 'lightbulb' button. Each hint costs one key.

  3. Keys are earned for completing levels. Extra 10 keys can be also received by signing up (only for players newly registered in the ecosystem) as a welcome bonus. But if you've chosen to play without registration, now is the perfect time to sign up and get what you need.

  4. While conquering puzzles and progressing through levels, you'll gather a sufficient number of keys to unlock the chest. Your progress will be clearly depicted on the scale. Furthermore, after each level, you'll have the opportunity to increase the number of keys by watching a brief ad. Try to catch the sprinter at the maximum x5 multiplier to earn the biggest number of keys.

Here is where new players who got the hang of playing Walken Sketch will be offered to keep up this captivating adventure by discovering other games in the Walken universe.

So this is it, Walken Sketch explained. As we've said in the intro to this article, the game is primarily for the players who are new the Cuze; the opportunities to earn here are quite limited as the app basically serves to encourage players to further discover the Cuze games. We're super excited to welcome more players to the fam!

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