✨CAThlete Fusion

The CAThlete Fusion Event is making yet another comeback - and this time to stay for good!

Welcome CAThlete Fusion - the good old event but now as a permanent feature in Walken, like breeding. This means that you can optimize your CAThlete set-up smartly whenever you want, as many times as you can!

  • Fusion price: the total cost of a fusion is calculated as a sum of costs per participating CAThlete. In turn, the cost per CAThlete depends on its rarity: the higher the rarity, the higher the price.

    • common CAThlete: 20 WLKN + 100 Mysberries

    • uncommon CAThlete: 40 WLKN + 300 Mysberries

    • rare CAThlete: 950 WLKN + 2,500 Mysberries

    • epic CAThlete: 1,950 WLKN + 5,000 Mysberries

    • legendary CAThlete: 4,950 WLKN + 8,000 Mysberries

Fusion involves blockchain interaction to be completed, more than any other action in Walken. Thus, a fee in SOL is also part of the cost:

βœ… a fee for the transfer of fused CAThletes (the amount depends on the number of CAThletes you fuse)

How It Works

Fusion is basically exchanging the CAThletes you own for a brand new one, fresh and ready to compete. Use the magic portal and exchange up to 5 NFT CAThletes to one new CAThlete at a time with 0 chances to get a Common one. The chances of getting a higher-rarity new CAThlete are affected by the number of fused CAThletes as well as their rarities and levels. The more CAThletes step into 'the portal', the higher the chances of getting a new rarer character!

The best part is that it's possible to fuse Common CAThletes and get a Rare or even Legendary one!


  • Only NFT CAThletes (level 6–13) can be fused.

  • The NFT CAThletes you fuse will no longer be part of the game and will be burnt.

  • As a result of fusion, you'll get ONE NON-NFT CATHLETE.

  • The rarity drop chances are calculated based on the number of fused CAThlete and their levels. The more CAThletes per fusion and the higher their levels, the higher the chances of getting a rarer new CAThlete from the range of possible rarities;

  • 0% drop chance for Common.

  • 5% chance to get a unique attribute - Rainbow Eyes.

  • The max possible level for new CAThlete is the lowest level of the fused CAThletes.

  • The chances to get a level from the range of possible levels depend on the breed counts of the fused CAThletes. The more unused breedings each of the fused CAThletes has, the higher are the chances to get a new one of a higher level.

  • The specific rarity and level drop chances are calculated in the application once you’ve selected CAThletes for fusion.

  • Players may fuse several times as long as they have required CAThletes and there are available fusions in the total fusion pool for the event.

  • The output of the fusion belongs to the Genesis generation if one of the fused CAThlete was Genesis.

  • Only $WLKN from the main wallet are accepted as payment for fusion.

Multiple-Gene Fusion

A game-changing update to Fusion is here, based on your invaluable feedback! Until now, there was no connection between the gene setups of the CAThletes being fused and the gene setup of CAThletes coming from fusion: it has been generated randomly.

Now you have the power to directly influence the number and rarities of non-common genes that your new CAThlete receives! This means you have a powerful tool to aim for the gene setup that best suits your gaming strategy.


  • To boost chances for several genes better than common for the new CAThlete, you may:

    • add into fusion one CAThlete with several non-common genes - uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary genes

    • OR fuse up to 5 CAThletes with one non-common gene in each - or Common CAThletes!

SPECIAL BONUS FOR GENESIS: If one of the fused CAThletes belongs to generation Genesis, you receive another Genesis CAThlete as a result of fusion, with a 100% guarantee.

Note that fusing more than 1 Genesis CAThlete doesn’s give you any further advantages.

What that means is that it's possible to get a Genesis legendary CAThlete with up to 5 non-common genes out of 5 common CAThletes! Lots of other profitable combinations are possible, too (you'll be able to check all chances right in the app) - just go to the app, try and see for yourself. And just like before, the chances of obtaining a common CAThlete remains absolutely 0️⃣, ensuring a truly remarkable Fusion journey.

Meet a completely redesigned Fusion section, with chances and mechanics explained better than ever:


To get started, head right to the Collectibles screen and select CAThletes tab; the Fusion button is right under the Breeding one. To fuse, select two or more NFT CAThletes, check the rarity and level chance for a new CAThlete and press the button for them to walk into a magic portal.

Please note that the capsule with the new CAThlete will appear in your Collectibles β†’ Lootboxes.

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