Mysberry Booster

Mysberries - magic berries with lots of hidden tricks! They allow your CAThlete to gain an advantage over rivals with extra stat points in competitions.

Their main function for now is to be used as a booster in competitions, with more ways to make use of them coming soon. Having a certain amount of Mysberries in your Collectibles makes all your CAThletes more competitive by boosting one random stat in the course of every race (including PvP), giving you an advantage over your opponent. The size of the boost depends on the amount of Mysberries you have in stock as well as the number of the CAThletes you own: the more CAThletes you have, the more berries you'll need to get their random stat boosted.

Keep an eye on your boosters in your Profile β†’ Boosts or by tapping on 'Info' button on the Mysberry Wallet.

Below are the amounts of Mysberries per CAThlete required to get a certain percentage of a random stat boost:

300 Mysberries - 5% boost;

900 Mysberries - 10% boost;

2000 Mysberries - 15% boost;

5000 Mysberries - 20% boost;

10000 Mysberries - 25% boost;

20000 Mysberries - 30% boost;

So say you are a proud owner of a CAThlete pack of 3 CAThletes, you’ll need thrice as much Mysberries to have a stat boosted for each of them. For 1 CAThlete, it takes 300 berries to get 5% boost; for 3 it would be 900 to get the same percentage.


Once you have enough Mysberries (you can check the balance on the Mysberry Wallet) to activate a booster of any of the options available (from 5% to 30%), it's time to compete. All your CAThletes will have one random stat boosted in the course of a competition. The stat that gets increased by Mysberries is highlighted during the competition, so you can easily see which one is boosted in this particular race.

The booster does not expire once the race is finished; you may keep competing with all your CAThletes and enjoy the bonus effect for each of them as long as the required amount of Mysberries is in your Mysberries account.

The rival's boost is also shown in a course of a race in the same way as your boost.

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