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Walken Runner

How to play and earn in Walken Runner
Walken Runner is the first hyper casual game of the Walken ecosystem of hyper casual games embodying our vision of the future of web3 and DeFi gaming. Its release is the first step towards our ambitious goal, and we are set to raise NFT, $WLKN, gem, and Mysberry utility in the future side games. Apart from a super fun addition to the Walken application, it will also be a new opportunity to earn $WLKN tokens. Moreover, the revenue generated from ad views will be allocated for $WLKN token buybacks, which will contribute to sustainability and help support the token price.


How to Play

Designed as a classic hyper-casual runner game, Walken Runner will invite you to join a CAThlete for a run with a mighty enemy at the end of the track. You’ll need to pass gates, upgrade health and attack stats, collect gems, and avoid obstacles to succeed, but do it smartly to get the CAThlete ready to smash the walls and defeat the enemy!
  • To compete for a share of the WLKN prize pool, you’ll need to join the Tournament. To do so, you’ll need to press the Tournament icon on the main screen and complete registration (email and the address of your wallet in the Walken app will be required);
  • The gameplay is nice and easy: run, grab gems simultaneously dodging collisions with objects on the way, and pass gates;
  • The sum of health and attack crashed the walls;
  • The more gems you collect and use to boost stats, the more likely you are to defeat the enemy;
  • Boost your health and attack by passing through the maximum number of green gates;
  • Crash all the walls and defeat the enemy to earn tickets;
  • Collect victory Tickets and climb to the top of the Leaderboard.

Seasons & Rewards

The Walken Tournament will run in seasons. Each season lasts 7 days, once it ends the top players will be listed in the official channels. The TOP Walken Runner players will receive $WLKN tokens to their Walken wallet and will be able to use them in the Walken app (to shop NFT on the Marketplace, upgrade CAThletes, breed, or purchase Mysberry booster) or to withdraw and sell.
The Tournament will be free to enter (no requirements such as NFT ownership or entrance fee).
The prize pool comes from the Treasury — a share of community-generated tokens allocated for marketing, airdrops, prizes, etc.
  • The countdown timer till the end of the current season will be displayed on the Tournament icon in the Walken Runner app;
  • You’ll be able to check how you’re doing on the Leaderboard and view TOP-5000 players of this season. Please note that if you’re below top-5000 players, your score will not be displayed on the Leaderboard
  • Сollect victory Tickets and climb up in the Leaderboard;
  • Get into the TOP-5000 players of the season and receive a reward. The rewards are as follows: