❓Where Can I Find My Wallet Recovery Phrase?

The 12-word backup phrase is the key to your wallet and all the assets it contains.
This phrase is required to restore access to the wallet if a user reinstalls the Walken application or logs into their account on a new device. Also, with the help of this recovery phrase, users can restore their wallet on any Solana-friendly wallet (Phantom, Trust, etc.)
Players are advised to make sure to write down their secret recovery phrase upon registration and to keep it safe. If a player logs out of their account without having their pass phrase, there is no way to restore it.
⚠️ A player must be loged into their Walken account to learn their pass phrase.
IMPORTANT! Your passphrase is the key to your wallet. Do not share your phrase. Do not send your passphrase via email, text message. It is not recommended to store passphrase on your mobile devices or take a screenshot of it. Walken support will never ask you to send your phrase. If you get such a request, it is scam.
To view recovery phrase, follow these steps:
  • Open Wallet screen;
  • Tap Profile (at the right upper corner of the screen);
  • Select Recovery phase & private key
Have a look at the screenshots illustrating the steps mentioned above: